Dustin Penner Trade Rumors


Trade rumors continue to surround the Edmonton Oilers for the 2011 NHL season. The Oilers are last in the NHL with 38 points, similar to where they were in 2010. The difference is that the team has undergone a full rebuild, and has inserted many rookies into their lineup. Taylor Hall, Jordan Eberle, Magnus Pajaarvi, Linus Omark, Jeff Petry are the future of the Oilers. The results may not be there yet, but this core young group is developing nicely. With the 2011 Draft, it is expected they will add Adam Larsson or Sean Couturier because they need defensemen and centers.

Dustin Penner was taken from the Ducks and signed to a $4 million per year contract. At first, the contract looked like overpayment but he has been earning his paycheque the past couple of seasons. In 2010, he scored 32 goals and 31 assists in 82 games played. He has 16 goals and 16 assists in 50 games played for 2011. His best asset is his large size. The knock against him has been that he does throw bodychecks or get into fights enough. He has been the Oilers' top goal scorer, so it is probably a good thing he does not get overly physical. Still, Penner has defended teammates such as Linus Omark and has taken a leadership role with the Oilers. He recently married his wife from California.

The Oilers are in full rebuild mode and will be trading Penner. He wants to go back to California and play for the Ducks or the Sharks. Tambellini does not have to rush any deals. Both Penner and Ales Hemsky are under contract until 2012. If a move is made before the trade deadline, it will have to address the Oilers' need for a good defenceman or center. Otherwise, Penner will stay an Oiler for at least another season.

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