Breaking: NHL team to be sold very soon

According to a report from 98.7 FM Arizona Sports' Dan Bickley, sources have informed him that the Arizona Coyotes may be on the verge of being sold to a new owner. According to a report, current owner Andrew Barroway found the investor he's been looking for and the sale of the organization is almost imminent.

Bickley stated that the sale is imminent while another sourced told him that the change will occur some time in 2019, either way this may be the wake-up call the Arizona Coyotes need to get into gear.
Multiple sources said the change in ownership is "pending and imminent" while another said the ownership change would occur but not until 2019. The sale would come less than two years after Andrew Barroway bought out the rest of a  group of owners in June of 2017. At the time, the Coyotes were owned by IceArizona, a group that included Barroway, George Gosbee, Gary Drummond, Antohny LeBlanc, David Duckett and others. Before buying out the team completely, Barroway had been the majority owner since 2014, Arizona Sports stated on air.
With the Coyotes having their fair share of struggles since joining the League with their financial troubles and attendance with appears to be a never ending circle for them. Many rumors have linked the team as a relocation team going to either Houston, Quebec City, and even as far as Kansas City. It will be interesting to see if sold, the new ownership will still have hope for the team in the desert or they will relocate the franchise elsewhere.

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