NHL announcer rips organization and player for wearing retired jerseys

Last night, the Carolina Hurricanes wore the Hartford Whalers jersey and Boston Bruins' announcer Jack Edwards wasn't pleased by the fact that Carolina decided to wear the jerseys and that Dougie Hamilton wore the number 19, a number retired by the New England organization before it's move to Carolina.

Boston Bruins' announcer Jack Edwards is regarded as a "Debbie downer" and for good reason, as he seems to criticize absolutely everything that he doesn't agree with. Although, Edwards is also regarded as one of the most passionate broadcaster throughout the League, and when the Hurricanes had "Whaler Night", he was far from pleased of the fact of seeing the team wear the jerseys and that defenceman Dougie Hamilton was wearing his original number, the number 19.

The number 19 has been retired by the Hartford Whalers franchise for a long time, not being part of the National Hockey League for close to two decades. John "Pieface" "Pie" McKenzie wore number 19 and was a legend for the New England organization when it was in the League, the reason as to why Edwards was mad at the fact that Hamilton didn't decide to change his number for the game against the Boston Bruins.

Many feel that Edwards' "whining" is just a little over the top, although I understand his point of view on the matter, I feel that he should appreciate the fact that the Carolina Hurricanes are trying to keep the Hartford Whalers' history alive by wearing the jerseys and showing younger generations what teams that now don't exist within the League anymore.

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