NHL goaltender's career may be over due to injury

After suffering a concussion during the 2017-18 season pretty much cost Chicago Blackhawks goaltender Corey Crawford almost the entire season. After suffering once again another concussion, many analysts believe that this may be the end for the 33-year old. 

Crawford, a two-time Stanley Cup Champion, played just 28 games last season due to a concussion before returning this season finally symptom free. 23 games in this season, Crawford suffered once again, another concussion. Officially, Crawford is out and there is no timeline on when he'll return to help the struggling Blackhawks. 

Multiple Blackhawks insiders have reported that the goaltender may never play another game with the National Hockey League due to his extensive injuries.
No way to know if/when Corey Crawford might play again, but given the severity of his last concussion, the concern is less about hockey and more about his long-term health and well-being. He's a young man with a 1-year old son. Here's hoping he's OK in the short and long run, Mark Lazerus stated on Twitter. 
If Crawford's career is over, he'll go down as one of the best goaltender in Blackhawks history since Ed Belfour. Winning 2 Stanley Cups, winning 236 games in 432 games. Here's to hoping a speedy recovery to Crow!

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