NHL Trade Rumor: Claude Giroux for Anze Kopitar

According to sources with The Athletic there may be a blockbuster brewing at the NHL Draft in June. As both the LA Kings and Philadelphia Flyers get ready for next season with a new bench boss, there has been a ton of speculation surrounding both clubs making moves, more specifically their superstars Claude Giroux and Anze Kopitar.

Both stars have only known the one team, and are on long termed deals at roughly $10 million dollars. Kopitar had a rough 2019 only managing 60 points, while Giroux finished the year with 85 points. Dealing Giroux for the Flyers and Kopitar for the Kings would be a huge chance for each team to hit the reset button without having to ship bodies overboard and rebuild from scratch.

What are your thoughts on the potential of the deal? Is 1 for 1 enough here? How pissed would Drew Doughty be? Who knows, what we do know is Kopitar is a pure beauty!

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