Milan Lucic would love to play for his hometown Vancouver Canucks

Milan Lucic has come out this week with some news, and we don't think the Edmonton Oilers are going to be thrilled with what he said, as Lucic made it clear the he still dreams of playing for the Vancouver Canucks.
It's no secret back in 2016 the Canucks almost landed Lucic who would go on to sign a mega-deal with the Oilers, while the Canucks were left with giving a boat load of money to Loui Eriksson. We all know how that has worked out.

Lucic told Sportsnet's 650 morning show this week on playing for his hometown team:
It's definitely something I wouldn't rule out. It's obviously something that can still happen. Things haven't gone well for me here with the Oilers, especially the last year and a half. New GM, new coach which haven't even been named yet, coming in. So you don't know what their plan is moving forward. It's definitely something that could potentially happen. 
Who wants one of their players talking about playing for another team? Nobody. These comments could get Lucic shipped out of town, and it appears, that may be best for everyone involved.

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