Opinion: Brad Marchand did absolutely nothing wrong last night

Brad Marchand is a hell of a hockey player and that's coming from someone who bleeds blue. Regardless of who you cheer for, it's time to open your eyes to what happened last night before and after the Bruins and Blue Jackets game.
Brad Marchand was preparing for the biggest game of the year, and the Canadian broadcast asked for him to take an interview in warm-up. He obliged and made his way over to Kyle Bukauskas of Sportsnet during warm up, where this happened:

That's a clown question and pissed Marchand off, and rightfully so. The player is prepping for a huge game and you try to set him off, 20 minutes before puck drop. Be better, Bukauskas.

Licking people is stupid. Stepping on sticks during the game is stupid. Being short with reporters after one tried to set you off before the biggest game of the year, is not stupid and Marchand was completely within his right after the game. 'Stupid' questions get 'stupid' answers and you can thank Kyle Bukauskas for these 'stupid' answers.

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