Rumor: Mitch Marner's Dad Is Holding Up A Deal With The Maple Leafs

The battle continues between Mitch Marner's camp and the Toronto Maple Leafs and according to sources, the demands from Mitch's dad, Paul Marner appear to be getting out of hand.

Sources connected to the Maple Leafs have indicated, Paul Marner wants the exact same contract for his son, as Auston Matthews received from Kyle Dubas, but that's not where it ends. Talks include Marner's Dad demanding a letter for his son's jersey, especially if the team names Auston Matthews their new captain.

The Maple Leafs have played the past few seasons without a Captain, and it's down to either John Tavares, Morgan Rielly, or Auston Matthews, however, if Mitch Marner ends up with no letter on his jersey, his Dad has made it known his son will be looking to play else where.

First William Nylander, and now Mitch Marner, it appears Leafs GM, Kyle Dubas is getting used to dealing with controlling fathers.