Auston Matthews went to Patrick Marleau for legal advice instead of the Maple Leafs

Auston Matthews found himself in some hot water to start the season as the incident over the course of the summer in Arizona went public and the media outlets in Toronto and around the league ate it up and spit it out. A small drunken mishap, where who knows, maybe the security guard is exaggerating. Regardless, the most surprising piece was Matthews didn't tell the Maple Leafs.

What has come out now is even more surprising. The San Jose Sharks are in Toronto Friday night and ex-Leaf Patrick Marleau, who is one of Auston Matthews close friends and mild father figure is in town with his new but old club. Marleau was asked about the incident and had this to say:
There's always two sides to every story, so I had [seen] him in the summer and talked about it and, it's hard how things get played out in the media sometimes so everything is a learning experience and you learn from it and move on
The Maple Leafs had no clue about the incident, however, Matthews went to Patrick Marleau about it and got some advice from the veteran. Weird dynamic in Leafs land, as you wonder the thought process of the young superstar not leaning on the resources of MLSE and the Maple Leafs.

You live and you learn kids.

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