Opinion: Leafs Head Coach Mike Babcock is an absolute joke

Mike Babcock hasn't been out of the first round with the Maple Leafs and hasn't done much else the past decade. It appears his level of respect for his players doesn't go a long way either as the Maple Leafs Head Coach showed again on opening night, he has limited respect for certain players.

Let's start with the Mike Modano story. The American all-time great was finishing his career with the Babcock coached, Detroit Red Wings and entering the final game of the season, Modano had 1499 career games. He knew this season would be his last and was looking forward to the story book ending of his career. The last game and his 1500th to wrap up a marvelous career. Mike Babcock could care less about Modano's career, and healthy scratched him on the final night and Modano finished his career playing 1499 games, all because of Mike Babcock.

Switch gears to Mike Commodore. The journeyman d-man was looking for a new home and wasn't expecting too much interest early on in free agency a few years back. Turns out he was wrong as Mike Babcock of the Red Wings came calling and did nothing but sing Commodore's praise about how much his team needs him on the right side of their defense. Commodore wanted to wait a couple days and hear from other teams but the persistence of Babcock was shocking and he decided to sign with the Red Wings. Commodore ending up signing with the Red Wings because Babcock told him he would be a staple on their back end and get some significant minutes.

After 17 games Commodore got traded to the Lightning and it wasn't long before he was out of the league.

Commodore has been outspoken about his feelings towards Babcock ever since, here's one of many quotes: "3-0 Babs you posing arrogant piece of sh**. Welcome back to the rink where everyone whose met you hates you."

Turn the page to Chris Chelios. who was quoted saying how Ryan Suter wanted to play for the Red Wings but didn't want to be coached by Mike Babcock. Chelios went on to remind people no veteran free agent will want to play for Babcock and the people of Detroit were very pleased when he left.

Lastly we look at Wednesday night in Toronto. Jason Spezza turned down multi-year offers for more money, to go ahead and sign a 1 year, league minimum deal to play for his hometown team. GM, Kyle Dubas loved the signing and his head coach hated it. It all started in training camp when after a preseason game, Babcock was quoted saying how both sides (him and Spezza) were seeing if there is interest there to move forward. After his GM was quoted saying Spezza is perfect for the 4th line centre position and PP 2.

Spezza would come to Toronto early in the summer after the team asked him to work with their young guys on faceoffs and positioning. Spezza went on to have a good camp, and was all set for his very first Maple Leafs home opener. He bought over 30 tickets and a bunch of his family and friends were ready to celebrate the moment with the long time Maple Leaf fan who now gets to represent the team he loves. It also happened to be against the Ottawa Senators, a team he holds several records on after spending the majority of his career as a Sen.

Well, leave it to Mike Babcock to get the last laugh. The head coach decided to scratch Spezza for Nick Shore, a player who played in the KHL last season and had 3 goals. Babcock went on to mention Spezza still needs to work on a few things on the penalty kill, but that he would be in the lineup against Columbus on Friday night. WOW - amazing that Spezza can learn how to be an elite penalty killer in 48 hours...

The media, Leafs alumni, and a bunch of players who used to play for Babcock went off yesterday and rightfully so. Mike Babcock is an absolute joke, and has limited respect for his players. If the Maple Leafs don't get off to a good start, expect a coaching change in Toronto, and from the sounds of it, Jason Spezza will gladly drive Babcock to the airport.

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