Story leaks about Mike Babcock embarassing Mitch Marner in front of everyone

The Mike Babcock era has come and gone but it appears the aftermath of his firing has turned itself into quite the circus. From ex-Leaf Mark Fraser recently speaking out, to rumblings about his relationship with Auston Matthews, Mike Babcock appeared to have some demons. The latest are stories from a couple of years ago when the coach decided he was going to embarrass a rookie and make him call out everyone on the team. That rookie was Mitch Marner.

According to Terry Koshan at the Toronto Sun:
One tale was related to us in the past few days that is said to have occurred in the 2016-17 season, during the annual fathers trip. Babcock was alleged to have asked one of the Leafs’ rookies to list the players on the team from hardest-working to those who, in the eyes of the rookie, didn’t have a strong work ethic. The rookie did so, not wanting to upset his coach, but was taken aback when Babcock told the players who had been listed at the bottom.
So Mike Babcock made Mitch Marner call out teammates, while the team was on a 'Father's Trip' and he thought this would be a good tactic to motivate his players? And then on the flip side, he never wanted 'skill development' in practice and only allowed the team to go over tactics because he felt the summer was for skill.

Still surprised he's out of a job?

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