Gotta See It: Zack Kassian Beats The Wheels Off Matt Tkachuk

The battle of Alberta is an age old rivalry that always has a chippy edge. The Calgary Flames and Edmonton Oilers are both known for their high skilled players and their tough, gritty style of play. However, one pest named Matt Tkachuk is known for his offensive production and his physical presence. After laying the body on Oilers' Zack Kassian one too many times, Kassian absolutely unloaded on Tkachuk. Check it out.

During the second period of last night's matchup, Zack Kassian could no longer contain his frustrations and retaliated against Matt Tkachuk. He received a double minor for roughing and a misconduct which lead to his ejection. As per the NHL Department of Player Safety, Kassian will have a hearing in regards to his actions. Some believe Tkachuk's hits on Kassian were also worthy of a hearing. There are claims that Tkachuk tageted Kassian's head and that he was airborne while making contact (charging). We will leave this to your discretion; what do you think?

Check out Matt Tkachuk's hits and Zack Kassian's brutal response

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