Oilers' Draisaitl addresses playing All-Star game with Flames' Tkachuk

The Battle of Alberta is alive and well. The latest spark came from Flames' Matthew Tkachuk laying out Oiler Zack Kassian which was followed by a thumping for the ages, and multiple still frames of Tkachuk turtling. One problem, there's an all-star game coming up and Tkachuk is going to be teammates with his Oil enemies.

Oilers superstar, Leon Draisaitl was recently asked what he would do if he and McDavid had to play some minutes with Tkachuk at the all-star game:
I would probably get off the ice
Ok, then. We don't suggest betting on the pacific to win the tournament, as the tension will be able to be cut with a knife.

Tkachuk continues to have a target on his back with the way he plays the game, all-star or not.

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