Radko Gudas blasted the NHL and confirms he's done in Washington

Radko Gudas is as hard as they come. The tough-nosed defenceman has turned himself into a steady career of being a defensive specialist who loves to throw his weight around. This time around, he's using his mouth to get his point across, and what comes next may surprise some people.

Gudas's comments come at a golf tournament in Beroun, a town in his home land of Czech Republic:
I think we shouldn't play when the whole world is canceling seasons. Hockey would be the only sport trying to power through it like this. They won't let us go to the Olympics so we won't get injured, but they want to keep the NHL season running in these times. If we kept playing, our sport would be swimming against the current a bit. Money is money, it's what currently makes the world go round. It's a bit sad that they are willing to risk the health of so many players for money. 
Gudas is also worried about what happens if someone gets Covid after play resumes:
If one guy is infected, basically the whole league has it in a week, given how they are planning to have everyone play against everyone. One stupid stumble and you can cancel it all again. 
Gudas went on to speak about his contract situation and how his current team in Washington is up against the salary cap next season, likely leaving him looking work:
I think there's no chance of re-signing in Washington. They are grappling with the salary cap. They have young players who will play under contracts more feasible for the organization. I think a lot of the guys with contracts about to expire will leave Washington.
Are you surprised Gudas is so candid about both the season resuming and his contract status?