Swedish League Team Being Investigated Over 'Fixed' Game

File this one under - 'things you don't see everyday' as it's being reported a team in Sweden is being investigated after an 8-4 loss that looked a little easier than it should have.

According to these reports, members of Bjorkloven's 2nd-tier Swedish team 'fixed' a loss to Mora after the team was up 3-0 after the first period. They would then let in the next seven goals. The crazy part is if you were tracking the odds and betting patterns, you would have seen a huge swing in the numbers during the first intermission:

There was so much money was bet on Mora that the odds changed in unusual ways and the game was eventually removed from many betting sites.

Those accusing believe the players had something to do with the odds and were either betting the farm on Mora or telling all their friends and relatives to throw money against them.

Here's some footage of what took place during the game and it's hard not to notice the lack of effort:

Photo credit:  Bildbyran/Imago/Icon Sportswire