Columbus Blue Jackets GM Calls Pierre-Luc Dubois A Liar

Pierre-Luc Dubois was recently interviewed by Ron MacLean on Hockey Night In Canada where he elaborated on the reasons why he wanted out of Columbus Pierre-Luc Dubois Reveals Why He Wants Out Of Columbus. The Blue Jackets' General Manager  JarmKekäläinen is extremely upset and has called out Dubois.

Dubois essentially stated that he became disgruntled during contract negotiations. Kekäläinen is extremely upset and has said that Dubois is lying about the entire contract process.

I took all in all, I think 10 minutes to do his contract when we finally agreed on the length of the deal and we had everything from two years, three years, to eight years on the table. First, we didn't really talk about it, that's how Pat Brisson conducts his business, I have the utmost respect for him as a professional and how he handled the negotiations.

There was never any problem with the negotiation of this contract, it cameto a conclusion very quickly and I thought what we signed was a fair deal for both sides. There was nothing about these negotiations and I wish Pierre-Luc would tell the truth about why he wanted out. He hasn't even told me; he hasn't told his teammates or anybody else. It certainly wasn't about contract negotiations, I can assume you of that.

It appears that Dubois is trying to use Kekäläinen and contract negotiations as a scapegoat, but it's not working the way he hoped it would. Perhaps we will never find the true reasons why Dubois wanted out or maybe it will take him some time to come around. However, it seems that this ugly divorced is full of unanswered questions.

Photographer: Jason Mowry/Icon Sportswire