Keith Yandle Blocked A 3 Way Trade Between Panthers, Bruins & Islanders

It was reported that Keith Yandle would be a healthy scratch for the Florida Panthers' home opener, ending his ironman streak. Thankfully, the Panthers came to their senses and played Yandle, who scored his 100th career goal that game. Rumors have circulated that Yandle was going to be scratched to punish him for  blocking a three-way trade with his no-trade clause. 

The Panthers' ownership group is apparently unhappy with GM Bill Zito for his inability to properly deal with Yandle. Zito is looking to make a culture change in Florida after being on the job just four months. It appears that Zito was pressured by the ownership group to force Yandle out. The idea to sit out Yandle was to punish him for blocking a 3 way trade between the New York Islanders and the Boston Bruins. Nick Kypreos provided further details on his podcast, Real Kyper At Noon.
"The Talk is Boston, Islanders, maybe a three-way trade, maybe Yandle ending up with the Boston Bruins. I'm sure the Panthers would have to eat some money on that but it didn't come to fruition. It appears he stood his ground.

"He was done, he was kicked to the curb, it was over and then in 48 hours that guy goes back on the first power play. Now I'm told that this was all ownership driven, that Zito needed to come in and address it. My understanding is that Yandle and his agent got an apology from his management team in Florida. 

Photographer: Kevin Abele/Icon Sportswire