Latest on Kirill Kaprizov's Crazy Situation

One of the craziest stories of the summer is taking a step in the right direction. According to The Athletic's Michael Russo, Minnesota Wild forward Kirill Kaprizov has left Russia and is back in the United States.

The reported plan is for Kaprizov to return to the Minnesota area on Tuesday after a long battle with the Russian government. The dynamic talent departed Russia late last week via Turkey and landed in New York City a couple of days ago. 

In July, reports starting flying out of his homeland stating there was an issue with potential fraud on some military documents and then things got weird. Kaprizov was denied entry into the US a few different times from a few different locations as he was trying desperately to get back into America. 

Reports have also surfaced stating many European players participated in the 2021-22 NHL season without proper documentation and didn't comply with visa restrictions. An exception was apparently given because of COVID-19, however the situation was messy and the league is still trying to clean up the after math.

At this point it's likely the Wild were able to obtain a work visa for Kaprizov and he should be in the clear to continue his NHL career. Last season the shifty winger put up 108 points in 81 games, a new franchise record and the team is hopeful it's much more of the same next season. At this point, their just glad he'll be able to suit up....they think.

Photo credit: © Matt Blewett-USA TODAY Sports