Edmonton Oilers' Top Trade Candidate This Season

The Edmonton Oilers have dealt with a number of injuries to their forward group this season, but their top trade candidate still comes from that group. They are right up against the cap when Evander Kane is healthy, so much so that they can't even hold a full roster. This is just one reason why one of their $3 million forwards must be shipped out.

The $3 million forward I'm talking about in particular is Jesse Puljuajrvi. At this point he isn't going to get a great return, but the Oilers and Ken Holland have done what they can to move him for higher value and all attempts have failed. He was originally priced at a first round pick back when he skipped a season in the NHL for Finland. The cost to acquire Puljujarvi then dropped to a second round pick this past offseason. Seeing how he is a third line player at best and has scored one goal and six points in 28 games, the absolute best the Oilers are going to get is a third round pick.

At this point, regardless of the return, the Oilers should be willing to move Puljujarvi. The depth has proven to be a little better than anticipated and other players can fill Puljujarvi's place in the lineup more effectively. The Oilers may be able to use him in a deal to acquire a player this season, possibly a rental.

After Puljujarvi's comments that he doesn't feel like he has a place in Edmonton or maybe even the NHL, his value definitely took a shot. Seeing how he is a RFA at the end of the season, one way or another, it will be his last season in Edmonton.

Photo credit: © Jamie Sabau-USA TODAY Sports