3 Potential Trade Destinations for Senators' Nikita Zaitsev

As we reported earlier today, Ottawa Senators Nikita Zaitsev has found himself to be a prime trade candidate. Friend of the site, hockey insider Kevin Weekes shared a tweet regarding Zaitsev and set the hockey world on notice that the Sens are willing to throw in a high draft pick to move the struggling defenseman and his $4.5 million salary for the rest of this season and next. 

Let's dive into a few teams who are seen as potential suitors for Zaitsev's services:

Chicago Blackhawks

Not only are the Blackhawks open for business on their pending free agents, including Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews, they are one of the few teams who are willing to take on a bad contract if it means a first or second-round pick are included as a sweetener. Chicago has two picks in each of the first three rounds of the next two drafts, and you can expect this number to increase significantly as we creep closer to March 3. If Ottawa is willing to throw in a top pick, the Blackhawks will be willing to pay some, if not all of Zaitsev's $4.5 million salary.

Arizona Coyotes

Another struggling team willing to pay for draft picks, the Arizona Coyotes are another potential destination for Zaitsev. The Yotes are still stuck in the middle of a rebuild, and are likely going to be shipping out several defenseman before the trade deadline this season. Zaitsev would give them a veteran to eat up some minutes late this season and next. Don't expect much for offense though as he's only registered three assists so far this season in his 19 appearances.

Buffalo Sabres

Another team with boat loads of cap space, the Sabres could be in the mix for Zaitsev as they could actually use some depth on the right side of their defense. They know the player well from his days with the rival Senators and Toronto Maple Leafs. If the Senators are going to get the Sabres to agree, a top draft pick will 100% need to be included. Tough look for any GM to have to deal a player, along with a draft pick just to get someone off the books. Now imagine it's too a divisional rival.....

Photo credit: © Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports