St. Louis Blues Rumors: Parayko Garnering Interest from Atlantic Team

St. Louis Blues defenseman Colton Parayko is the latest big-name defenseman to hit the rumor mill. As a result, teams are expressing interest in the 6-foot-6 defenseman. According to Frank Seravalli, the Ottawa Senators have inquired about Parayko.

The Senators are looking to beef up their defensive group, and this is completely easy to comprehend. The Senators have made their forward group quite strong over the last few years, but their weak defensive group is why they are currently not a playoff team. However, if they acquired Parayko, that could help things change on that front. After all, while he is playing his best hockey, he is a legitimate top-four defenseman who makes a real difference with his steady defensive play. 

Parayko will have the final say over if and where he gets moved, as he has a full no-trade clause. However, he could be open to joining a team on the rise like the Senators, and this is especially so when noting that he would immediately be a leader for them. Nevertheless, time will tell if Ottawa ends up acquiring the veteran defenseman before the deadline passes from here.

photo credit: © James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports