Insider Reveals Coyotes' Rebuild Could Nearly Be Over

The Arizona Coyotes have been bad for a long time and have missed the playoffs in 10 of the past 11 seasons, only getting in due to the early regular season ending in 2019-20 and winning the play-in round. In only three of the seasons did they even finish with a positive win/loss record, and not by much. But all that might be put behind them sooner than later. The Coyotes showed that they can compete and have some skilled players on their roster.

Chris Johnston revealed that the Coyotes want to deal from their picks and add players from teams with cap issues. They want to be a bit more competitive. They are usually open for business when it comes to being a destination for teams to dump contracts on, but what seems different this year is they are willing to use their own draft picks to get some better players than what are usually dumped on them. This opens the door for many more opportunities.

The Coyotes happen to have 12 draft picks in the 2023 draft and only 11 NHL roster players. Using a couple of them to bring in some talent to be competitive would help out the younger players that are already on the team. At a certain point the players are going to need to experience winning or Arizona is going to eventually lose them and be stuck in a rebuild forever. Names floating around who could be better players to acquire are Blake Wheeler, Mike Hoffman, and Connor Garland.

Photo credit: © Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports