Blue Jackets Rumors: Could Columbus Trade Johnny Gaudreau?

Speculation is rife regarding the possibility of the Columbus Blue Jackets trading Johnny Gaudreau.

Observers, including hockey analysts Kevin Paul Dupont and Lyle Richardson, have cast doubt on Gaudreau's future with the team due to his underwhelming performance this season.

Despite leading the team in points, Gaudreau's output of just 11 goals and 51 points has left many questioning his impact, especially with five players on the roster outpacing him in goals.

At 30 years old, Gaudreau still has five years remaining on his hefty contract, which carries an average annual value of $9.75 million, adding complexity to any potential trade discussions.

Dupont and Richardson suggest that the incoming general manager for the Blue Jackets may explore the option of trading Gaudreau to a contender, potentially with Columbus retaining a portion of his salary.

This move, they argue, could benefit both parties, allowing the Blue Jackets to shake up their roster dynamics while affording Gaudreau a fresh start elsewhere.

However, the feasibility of such a trade remains uncertain, given Gaudreau's declining production, full no-movement clause, and the need for Columbus to sweeten the deal with additional incentives like draft picks or prospects.

Gaudreau was phenomenal during his nine years in Calgary, amassing 209 goals and 399 assists for a total of 608 points over 601 games played.

However, as mentioned, this year has been very disappointing for the 30-year-old with just 11 goals, 40 assists, and 51 total points across 69 games played.

As trade rumors swirl, the decision to move Gaudreau ultimately hinges on various factors, including the preferences of the player himself and the willingness of other teams to take on his contract.

While a trade could offer the Blue Jackets an opportunity to address their needs and potentially reshape their future trajectory, it poses significant challenges. Photo Credit: Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports