Red Wings Rumors: Berggren Could Stay Put After Team's Downward Spiral

As the Detroit Red Wings continue to fall in the standings while they struggle to win games, it is becoming more and more likely that they will sell off some assets at the trade deadline instead of buy and go for it. One player in particular that has been in the rumor mill is Jonatan Berggren, but nothing is imminent even though he should be playing in the NHL.

The Red Wings just haven't had room for the young forward even after a strong 2022-23 rookie season in the NHL. If they are out of the race, which it seems like they're getting there with all of the losing, they will start looking at who to move. This will open up space and allow Berggren a permanent spot in the NHL lineup, even though he has proven that he should already be there.

While it appeared as though the Red Wings were ready to make some noise, it isn't their time just yet. Berggren is a piece that they may not want to get rid of during this point, especially if he can be a good middle-six scorer for a while. He has seven goals and 18 points in 19 AHL games and two goals and four points in seven NHL games. That scoring can be used for what should still be a younger team, but if now filled by veterans.

Photo credit: © Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports